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Greenfield Mills, Inc.

Address 1: 10505 E. 750 N

City: Howe

State: IN

Zip: 46565

Phone: 260-367-2394

Email: mazda9291@gmail.com

Website: www.newrinkelflour.com

Facebook: Facebook

Greenfield Mills, Inc.

Indiana's oldest commercial water-powered flour mill and the two hydro-electric generators even provide electricity to a dozen customers in and around the community of Howe. Arrange for a one-hour tour and you'll follow locally grown kernels as they journey from seed to sack. Inside the mill, you'll see a beehive of activity as this fifth generation family bag 11 different kinds of pancake mix in mouth-watering flavors like blackberry and peaches & cream. Take home a sack or two from the Old Mill Store to serve up a breakfast that will be all the more sweet because you were there. Open Monday through Saturday.